Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications: Detail of Services

Strategic communications in today’s world is a complex and challenging task.   At Lynch Associates, we will guide you in both the development and the delivery of your message.   Identifying the right message for today and tomorrow is about gathering and disseminating the shared experiences and fundamental truths that will take people from recognition to action.

Lynch Associates’ extensive government relations experience gives us a unique perspective on how media coverage, and corporate communications are viewed by government decision-makers,  as well as the public. We drive strategic communications with creativity, flexibility, and your organization’s values always in mind.

Ballot Questions and Initiative Petitions

The initiative petition process can appear daunting, and expensive.  In reality, it is a fairly straightforward tool that can be used to create the political will for policy makers to act. Lynch Associates can provide all resources needed to access expert guidance for all aspects of an initiative petition drive and campaign.  We deliver:

  • Research-based messagingthat will resonate with voters and lawmakers.  We can also provide polling to benchmark public opinion and awareness of your issue.
  • Experienced legal guidanceto ensure your proposal will clear all potential legal hurdles.
  • Professional, ethical signature gatheringto ensure your initiative petition or candidate will be on the ballot.
  • Out-of-the-box creativityin developing logos, slogans, the overall look and tone of a campaign, including print, radio, television ads and other collateral material.
  • Grass-rootsdevelopment in building broad coalitions of supporters and identification of key third-party validators for your issue.
  • Compelling paid and earned mediacampaigns that will drive public opinion and influence decision-makers.  This includes media buys and placement designed to achieve maximum effectiveness within your budget.

The Lynch Associates team and its partners will create a campaign aimed at keeping your supporters engaged, growing your population of advocates and increasing the likelihood of achieving positive results for your initiative.  We will help you win while staying true to your values, ethics and budgetary needs.

  • Media Relations

Today, media relations’ require reactive adaptation, and a well-developed instinct to foresee the challenges ahead.  Lynch Associates’ communications team has established relationships with local media by providing compelling, newsworthy content in a reliable and straightforward manner.

  • Spokesperson Services

Lynch Associates has veteran communicators and strategists with an earned reputation for credibility and responsiveness among the media, lawmakers, and issue decision makers.  Your initiative will be judged on how you are prepared to react in real-time.  At Lynch Associates, we take the time to have an in-depth understanding of your organization’s goals and objectives to insure a timely response handled appropriately and effectively.

  • Grassroots Organizing

As in any political campaign, it is often all about executing a strategy that includes both grassroots and grasstops coverage.  Coalition building, identifying third-party validators, and moving the needle on public opinion in your favor is critical to providing decision makers with a compelling argument to act. We have the skills and experience to create a groundswell of support on an issue whether in a targeted area or statewide.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We are partnered with a global SEO expert who will put your brand or issue at the top of the search-engine results. In today’s internet-driven world, people rely on search engines more than ever.  To get the right result takes more than luck, it takes skill and continued attention to keep your issue at the forefront.