Government Procurement Services

General Procurement Relationship Building

  • Provide strategy planning to market new products or services to government to address existing or future needs
  • Develop relationships with key decision makers and procurement teams to assist in facilitating awareness about available solutions providers and/or technology
  • Assist with the provision of industry data and information to key decision makers and procurement teams

Procurement Opportunity Recognition

  • Assist with identifying potential opportunities for development within related fields
  • In conjunction with lobbying efforts, will assist in the obtaining potential funding for the purchase of new products or equipment by government
  • Monitor all applicable procurement venues for potential bid response opportunities that fit the application or designation of the client’s product or services

Bid Preparation Assistance

  • Attend bid meetings and general information sessions held by government agencies after bid release
  • Develop strategies to maximize the client’s bid response team’s efficiency
  • Assist potential bidders in the preparation of bid documents to maximize potential for success
  • Act as a liaison between procurement teams and client, where applicable

Bid Follow-up and Procurement Success Evaluation

  • Assist client with agency and bid compliance after a obtaining a successful bid award
  • Draft and negotiate, as requested, procurement contract terms and conditions to the client’s specifications
  • Assess any bid shortcomings or remedies for future bids in the event of an unsuccessful bid submission