Association Management Services

Association Management Services

“Anne Lynch has served as the association’s Executive Director for over ten years. Her commitment, dedication and enthusiasm have remained consistently steadfast since her date of hire. 

Bill Crowley, Chairman of the Massachusetts Motor Transportation Association

Administrative Consulting

  • Provide all services relative to the administrative matters of the association, including managing general correspondence, establishing annual central files for the association, database maintenance and performing the daily activities needed to carry out the policies of the association.
  • Plan, notice and attend all meetings of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Special and Standing Committees and membership of the association.  Provide reports on the status of association matters and minutes of the previous meeting.
  • Maintain the permanent records of the association including the minutes book, corporate filings and tax records of the association.
  • Negotiate, review and maintain copies of all contracts with the association.
  • Develop a planned year of action for the association.
  • Develop and distribute messaging materials highlighting the ethical standards adopted by and adhered to by the members.  Distribution shall include elected officials, regulators, industry leaders, coalition members and the media.

Membership/Member Benefit Development

  • Review, develop and advise the Board on a comprehensive member benefit program.
  • Contract with member benefit providers and prepare collateral materials outlining the benefit programs.
  • Develop a membership policy, including various categories of membership criteria, and provide membership status reports to the association.
  • Develop a dues policy, billing structure and membership application for the association.  Perform all dues billings, update payment information and collect outstanding dues.
  • Develop a membership marketing plan, attendant member informational materials, and an industry and public identity for the association.

PAC Fundraising/Marketing

  • Create all materials relative to the formulation of an association Political Action Committee (PAC).
  • Maintain the financial records of the PAC, report to the Committee on donations and requests made to the association.  Assist with efforts to solicit participants in the PAC.
  • Prepare and file quarterly campaign finance reports as required by law for the PAC.
  • Provide notice of opportunities to support public officials through PAC events.

Publication Production

  • Create an annual publication plan and schedule that advances the planned year for the association.
  • Create, produce and disseminate various types of communication products such as newsletters, legislative updates and an annual report.
  • Solicit, invoice and collect publication advertising and/or sponsorship’s.

Budget and Finances

  • Prepare and maintain an annual budget for the association.  Open an association operating account and PAC account, process all deposits and payables for the Treasurer, balance monthly statements and maintain the checkbooks.
  • Create and maintain the financial records for the purpose of preparing required tax filings.
  • Prepare a monthly treasurer’s report and budget update for the Board of Directors.

Association Launch

  • Develop collateral materials, including press releases and informational articles, to announce formation of new professional association.  Distribute to trade and public media including print and electronic outlets.
  • Distribute official announcements to list of all potential members meeting the membership criteria requirements.
  • Distribute announcements to appropriate legislative and regulatory leaders involved with industry issues Plan, develop and execute public events in conjunction with industry meeting such as NAIC, NCOIL, etc.

Seminars, Informational Meetings and Test Facilitation

  • Develop a planned year for association seminars, meetings and test facilitation, including geographic and scheduling diversity.
  • Prepare and distribute marketing materials promoting association programs to identified participant groups.
  • Provide all program planning, site facilitation, presenter coordination and event registration.
  • Provide financial reports on profit and loss of all programs of the association.
  • Coordinate with regulators to facilitate industry professional testing.  Develop strategic plan and advocacy efforts for creating standard testing, as opposed to different state non-reciprocal requirements.
  • Plan, market and execute testing opportunities for members.

Coordinate Association Visibility at all Industry National Meetings

  • Develop and coordinate association positions for presentation at working groups within the national industry meetings
  • Create association marketing and messaging materials for industry meetings and provide an opportunity for association leaders to advance the goals and objectives of the association within the context of scheduled activities.
  • Facilitate opportunities at industry events for association leadership to introduce association objectives and interact with key regulators, industry leaders and potential members.
  • Develop opportunities within the scheduled activities of national meetings to advance relationship and coalition building efforts among other related industry association leaders.