Case Studies


Challenge: An association of health care professionals sought licensure by the state to eliminate different licensing standards established      by municipalities.
Solution: Lynch Associates drafted licensing legislation creating statewide licensing and formed a coalition on behalf of the association made up of 14 different entities to advocate for the legislation’s passage.
Result: The legislation became law and, in addition to providing statewide licensure for over 11,000 health care practitioners, improved consumer and public safety protections as well.

Health Care

Challenge: Massachusetts was in the process of passing major health care reform legislation. Two health care trade associations were concerned about their role in the changing health care environment.
Solution: Lynch Associates drafted amendments to the health care reform package and created a coalition of eight (8) other health care practitioner groups to support the initiatives.
Result: Amendments providing nondiscrimination protection as well as certain health care provider participation on various committees and advisory councils were included in the now law.


Challenge: A major metropolitan city attempted to implement an outright regulatory ban on the transportation of hazardous materials through the city. One of Lynch Associates’ association clients would have been significantly harmed.
Solution: Lynch Associates conducted outreach to federal and state agencies to enforce federal routing requirements in addition to forming a coalition of transportation companies, businesses and local residents to oppose the ban.
Result: A federal agency declared the outright ban illegal. After an exhaustive state regulatory review process, hazardous materials may still be transported through the city.

Public Contracting

Challenge: With the significant price fluctuations for raw materials within the construction industry hurting contractors, a construction association client of Lynch Associates sought the inclusion of mandatory price adjustment clauses in public construction contracts.
Solution: Lynch Associates drafted legislation, created reports detailing the fluctuation of key construction material and developed other collateral material demonstrating the benefits of price adjustment clauses.
Result: Legislation was enacted mandating the use of price adjustment clauses on all public construction projects for road, bridge, water and sewer infrastructure projects.


Challenge: A Massachusetts corporation approached Lynch Associates after being excluded from a statewide contract for services.
Solution: Lynch Associates worked with the client to review the client’s bid response and the agency’s scoring system. Lynch Associates identified several areas where the bid response had been improperly scored.
Result: Lynch Associates client was added to the state contract after a series of meetings with agency personnel.

Public Safety

Challenge: A group of law enforcement personnel noted an increased incidence of officers being struck by other motor vehicles during roadside stops.
Solution: Working with other law enforcement groups and agencies, Lynch Associates developed legislation and supporting collateral material to advance the initiative.
Result: Legislation was signed into law requiring the general public to move one lane over when approaching law enforcement conducting a roadside stop.

Innovation / Technology

Challenge: A Lynch Associates client had invested time and money in new technology. A major state agency would not consider using this new mechanism despite the potential for significant cost savings.
Solution: Lynch Associates educated both legislators and agency personnel about the innovative idea and proposed the creation of a pilot program to test any agency misgivings.
Result: Through legislative language adopted as part of an omnibus bond bill, the state agency conducted a pilot program on the innovative technology. The innovation is now an accepted practice before the state agency.