Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Massachusetts (AASP MA)

AASP_MA_LOGO-MISSION-finalThe Alliance of Automotive Service Providers is a coalition of associations which serve the automotive service industry. In a spirit of mutual cooperation and support, Alliance participants are committed to sharing information, knowledge, and other resources for the benefit of the members we serve”

If you read the trade press or are involved in your local automotive repair association, you already know that AASP/MA, CMARA and MABA have been putting their collective heads together on more and more initiatives in recent times, most notably in our joint efforts to push the Labor Rate Bill. What you may NOT know, however is that our three associations have also been involved in creating a much deeper collaboration. I am proud to say that after years of operating as separate entities with separate goals, agendas and issues, AASP/MA, CMARA and MABA are coming together as one association – AASP/MA – that is able to meet the challenge of serving the entire state’s industry concerns, and furthering our goals for the future.

This change did not happen overnight. Members of these three organizations have been meeting for a year and a half to discuss all the possibilities a merger of this magnitude could bring to the state collision and mechanical repair industry. Relationships have been renewed and fences have been mended for the greater good, and though it might be a slightly rocky road at first as we all get to really know each other as colleagues rather than competitors, I am confident that we are united in our ambitions to raise the level of the industry as a whole, and will work hard to make our goals into realities.

The only thing left to add to this equation is you. We are beginning an incredible new journey together as one united front, but we will need your participation and support to help us really get things off the ground. You’ve heard members of all three associations talking about strength in numbers over the years. Well, we’ve come together as one,but our potential strength in this industry has multiplied three-fold under the direction of interim AASP/MA President (and former CMARA President) Tom Ricci.

Which leads me to the final paragraph of my final message as AASP/MA President, though I’m not going far (until our official elections in November, I’ll be serving as interim AASP/MA Co-Vice President alongside former MABA Chairman Paul Hendricks). To all the members who stepped up their game to help improve the industry, to all the sponsors and advertisers whose support made for some hugely successful events and endeavors, and to the many, many supporters of our industry over these past few years, I give my deepest thanks.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to all those who have served with me on the AASP/MA Board of Directors, which included people like former AASP/MA Vice President Bill Cahill, one of the hardest working guys I’ve ever met and one of the few who helped put AASP MA/RI on the map. And to the many, many supporters of not just our associations but our entire industry as well, I urge you to keep on doing a great job of supporting us, the best is truly yet to come.

Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Massachusetts (AASP MA)